Posted by: ainmosni
On 23/01/2012 00:36
Categories: Android Linux Python Rant

So, after being online for longer than most people can remember and participating in many communities, I've finally set up a blog... Yes, yes, I know, way to keep up with the times ain but I've never really bothered until now.

Why now, you ask? Well, I think it's mostly because I've been building new stuff lately and every so often I just want to vent a bit about things I think work well, things that work less well or things that generally horrify me. I will also be sharing information about current projects and relevant tech tricks on here.

Most of the things I will post will have something to do with these subjects:

  • Python
  • Linux system engineering
  • Android development
  • Opinions (rants and raves) about the tech industry
  • The making and playing of videogames.

I will go off topic quite often but most of my posts will fall into those categories.

So welcome to a place where I can rant and rave, hope you'll enjoy your stay.

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Who is this guy anyway?

I'm Daniël Franke, a backend software engineer and systems engineer hybrid working at Zalando. I've been coding and administrating servers for most of my life and this is the corner of the internet where I can just rant and/or rave about anything I want without anyone stopping me. This blog will be mostly tech centred but it can go off-topic sometimes.