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On 23/01/2012 15:17
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One of the reasons that it took me so long to set up my own blog was that I could never find a blogging engine that fit my requirements so I always said I would just write my own... Well, writing my own never really happened as I always have more important/fun projects on my plate so yesterday I took the time to evaluate blogging engines and chose one to host this blog. The requirements I had were as follows:

  1. It needed to be usable out of the box.
  2. It needed to be easily extensible.
  3. It needed to be easily customisable.
  4. It needed to be updated recently.
  5. Python-based would be strongly preferred.
  6. It would be nice if it used the Django framework.

Now the last two might seem arbitrary but I already host python web applications on my machine and it's my preferred scripting language. I could have installed a Ruby blog but then I'd need to set up the ruby infrastructure and I'd have to brush up my ruby web development knowledge if I wanted to write any plugin for it. Doing all that wouldn't have been that bad but I would only consider that if I couldn't find any decent option. Wordpress or any other PHP based system was never considered because I'd rather not write/debug PHP in my free time, I have a strong disliking of the language and my experience with most things written in it has also been less than stellar.

Django was less of a hard demand because I already have a Python setup and installing an extra python framework in a virtualenv wouldn't have been the end of the world but as I have more experience using Django than other frameworks and quite like how Django applications just plug into a site.

With these demands in mind, I started looking for Python blogging engines that would satisfy them, after searching for a few hours it seemed like Zinnia was the only option that satisfied my wishes. The state of premade python blogging engines is a bit disappointing as most engines are either not maintained any more, not usable yet or both. Zinnia is still being maintained, looked quite nice when it came to features and was quite easy to set up in a short time frame, also, from a quick glance in their git repository, the code seemed very readable.

So, I installed Zinnia and that's what this blog is running now, initial impressions have been favourable and I finally have my own blog.

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